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Lemurian Crystals


Lemurian Crystals hold the rich and powerful spiritual knowledge of the Lemurians. They contain the vibration and consciousness of spirituality for humanity. They have been hidden in the earth for millennia waiting to be discovered and to reawaken. You carry the connection to that reawakening in you.

The horizontal lines and ridges of the crystal are spiritual wisdom codes programmed into the stone. They are there for you to access the wisdom and manifest the program code for you.

Feel the vibration of higher consciousness stored within their crystalline grid. Work with the crystals to be infused with the spiritual, emotional, and intuitive awareness of the Lemurians.

Lemurian crystals are a master stone that supports insight, intuitiveness, inner vision, and golden light consciousness. Awaken the ancient wisdom of Lemuria that is present in you and allow this higher consciousness to flow into your being.

 The Lemurian Crystals includes:

Lemurian Crystal Guide – card that includes the meaning of Lemurian Crystals, and an intention and mantra to amplify the energy (10x15cm/4x6")

Lemurian Crystal - also called Lemurian Seed Crystal, this is authentically and ethically sourced from Brazil. 

Natural Linen pouch - to store your stone.

Each crystal comes with its own unique size, dimensions and energy. Feel which one you are most attracted to and that speaks to you. 

These Lemurian Seed crystals are hand sourced by small local farmers in Brazil.