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Avalon Spirit Evening


Are you interested in exploring spirituality? Are you curious how you can expand your consciousness? At Avalon Spirit Evening, we journey together to learn about the many ways we can go beyond our day-to-day reality and access greater awareness, meaning and purpose. With guest speakers and discussion, we explore different topics related to spirituality and consciousness.  

Create a deeper, more purpose-filled life and a richer, spiritual journey through community.  

Expect exploratory discussion topics and guest speakers, as well as sound healing,  shamanic journeying, meditation, medium group readings and inner child work. 

Virtual format: Zoom call. You will receive a link the day of the session to access the online gathering. If you miss a session that you've paid for, the recording will be sent to you. As such, no refunds are available on an Evening session. 


"I really enjoy the opportunity to explore many different areas of spirituality and consciousness that I have been curious about.  It is fun to do this in a community of others interested in exploring new topics as well." - JR