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Clear Quartz Crystals


Clear Quartz Crystals are natural amplifiers. They have high vibration that helps clear the mind, body and spirit. They help create an energy of clarity and manifestation.

Quartz crystals are all about clarity, light, reflection, and amplification. They raise your vibration and help you to create and manifest. They amplify and enhance the power of your intentions. 

Quartz crystals support the mind to be clear and creative, the body to be strong and healthy, and the spirit to be a guiding light for the soul. Use it to align with your highest self. 

Whether you are making decisions, setting intentions, manifesting your reality or clearing your internal and external space, clear quartz is a beautiful addition to your sacred meditation, practice and space. 


 The Clear Quartz Crystal includes:

Clear Quartz Crystal - authentically and ethically sourced. 

Natural Linen Bag - for protection of your crystal

Each crystal comes with its own unique size, dimension and energy. Feel which one you are most attracted to and that speaks to you.