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Orgone Pyramid Energy Amplifier - Black Tourmaline


Orgone Pyramids are amplifiers and harmonizers of energy. Orgone is the vital life force energy, prana, or chi found everywhere. The pyramids are made of crystals, metals, and organic resin that produce positive vibrational frequencies to filter, clean, purify, and balance the environment around you.

Orgone pyramids help to elevate mood and clear negativity. They can also assist with insomnia, sleep, and nightmares and are known for their ability neutralize the harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) in the atmosphere. They shift lower frequency energy into higher frequency which benefits people, pets, and plants.

The black tourmaline crystals are associated with protection, grounding, health, happiness and positivity. They help to filter and balance the energy fields in your environment. They absorb negative energies and transmute them into positive forces that stimulate harmonized and healing energy. The pyramids inspire joy and positive behavior and can support spiritual growth.

Embedded in the centre of the pyramid is a clear quartz point wrapped with a coil of copper wire that emanate a spiral of energies to rise above and beyond the orgone generator. The gold and copper flakes support amplification. The gold metatron symbol represents the unending flow of energy between everything in the universe. The flower of life symbol represents the cycle of creation and how everything is one.

The Orgone Pyramid Energy Amplifier includes:

Orgone Pyramid Guide – card that includes the meaning of orgone pyramids, and an intention and mantra to amplify the energy (10x15cm/4x6")

Tourmaline Orgone Pyramid - made of black tourmaline crystals, clear quartz crystal point, gold and copper flakes, copper spiral wire.  (7cmx7cmx5cm/ 2¾" x 2¾" x 2")

 Pyramid Weight - 200g/7oz