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Shamanic Spiritual Healing - Kevin Semeniuk

Shamanic Spiritual Healing - Kevin Semeniuk


Kevin is a modern-day Shaman. He brings an ancient wisdom and connection to The Light. He sees his gifts and the role Creation has offered him as deeply sacred.

Kevin uses Shamanic Ceremony as a way to connect to the many guides who work with and through him. With ceremony, he is able to heal emotional blockages throughout the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. These may be rooted in this lifetime, other lifetimes, or inherited from others. He helps to clear any darkness and cut the incoming and outgoing cords that may be holding people back from the progress and ascension they are looking for in their lives.

The ceremony brings healing, loving energies, balance and alignment to each of the four bodies, creating a more symbiotic life experience. His work also extends to the healing and clearing of spaces and homes. He offers this in service to The Light, to create a more peaceful inner world and to support the ascension of spirit.

Kevin’s work is conducted remotely. Upon booking, you may email him specific concerns you may have. He will then conduct a 30-45 minute shamanic ceremony to heal and clear your energy and cut incoming and outgoing cords in the four levels of body. Following the healing, he will email to you a summary of what he encountered and cleared in your session. 

Kevin treats his connection to The Light and what he does as pure and sacred. He invites you to benefit from a healing should his process resonate with what you may be looking for.

 Your session... 30-45-minute shamanic ceremony conducted distantly and privately by Kevin.

 Preparation...Connect with Kevin via email at You may identify specific concerns, though none are required as Spirit reveals what is needed. He will indicate a day that he will conduct the ceremony.

 Follow up…Kevin will email you following the ceremony to share the healing and clearing that occurred.