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Transformation - Divine Energy Bracelets


Often we need to bring an energy of transformation into our lives. This allows us to connect more energetically, consciously, and spiritually to our true selves. We want to release any internal or external energies that may be blocking harmonious flow in our lives, and invite in energies of love, ease, and grace. We need to transmute all that does not serve to live our highest and best lives. 

With the Transformation Bracelets:

Grey Agate - Balances yin and yang energies

Smokey Quartz - Neutralizes negative internal emotions & vibrations

Labradorite - Supports transformation and change

The charms amplify the effect -- ohm deepens your connection to the universe, lotus enhances your awakening, and buddha connects you to your true self.

Crystals and stones have long been known for their energizing and healing powers. Each brings a different vibrational frequency to amplify energy in your life. Wear each day to bring more divine energy into your life.

The bracelets have been cleared, charged, and blessed with love and light energy. Lovingly sourced from around the world and created to be natural and eco-friendly. They come with a description, intention and mantra to amplify their energy.

Transformation Divine Energy Bracelets include:

Transformation Guide – card that includes the meaning of the crystals, and an intention and mantra to amplify the energy (10x15cm/4x6")

Grey Agate Crystal Bracelet - natural grey agate beads with buddha charm

Smokey Quartz Crystal Bracelet natural smokey quartz beads with lotus charm

Labradorite Crystal Bracelet - natural labradorite beads with ohm charm

Natural Linen Pouch - 13x18cm/5"x7"

Shipping Weight - 80g/2.8oz


 *Divine Energy Bracelets are designed to bring more beauty and amplify positive energy in your life. Wear each day to increase your vibration and connect energetically and spiritually to your true self.