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What Is The 5th Dimension?

Posted by Ginette Biro on
What Is The 5th Dimension?

We live in a 3rd dimensional reality.
Meaning that everything in the world, as we know it, vibrates within a range of frequencies that support 3D.

When we increase the speed of vibration, we increase our access to higher levels of consciousness. Some of this work to increase our frequencies can be done physically - through healthy, high-vibe eating, breathwork, yoga and meditation. However, the greatest impact to help sustain access to the higher dimensions is to do the inner work of self. This work is most important because it allows our soul to express itself more fully in the way we view ourselves.

It also allows us to really embrace our conscious awareness that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Embracing this thought opens the doorway to higher consciousness.

People often ask why many channelers and intuitives seem to jump past 4th dimension and go straight to talking about 5th dimensional access. Let me paint a picture for you to help you better understand why this is valuable.

4th dimension is the first level of higher frequency beyond the confines of our physical reality. It can be a beautiful place with higher-level loving spirits, but it can also be a challenging place tarnished with darker warped energies.

Picture a big, busy city on earth. You wish to get from one side to the other. This city is known to be beautiful and a great place to visit, however to get from one side of this lovely place to the other, you have to drive through the middle. In the middle, there are all kinds of people and neighbourhoods, some good and some not so good. The goal is not to stop, but to continue to drive through so you don’t get caught up with any shady characters.

This is similar to how the 4th dimension is. It is like a highway that connects 3rd dimension to 5th dimension. None of this has to be scary, just as driving through a city doesn’t have to be scary. You simply choose the best route, make sure you have enough gas and do so in daylight. Likewise, you want to navigate 4th dimension with resources, daylight and awareness.

The other option is you can move straight from 3rd dimension through to 5th dimensional consciousness if you travel with light and love of the highest good; just as if you were to fly a plane from one end of the city to the other.

The plane in this imagery is your heart. Your heart is your connection to the energies of the highest good for all. If you come from your heart you will ease into 5th dimensional frequencies.

The beautiful thing is that 5th dimensional frequency cannot be hindered or warped by lower vibrational energies. This is why it is important to be careful that channeled messages come direct from the 5th dimension, not the 4th, as negative entities can interfere with the message on the way. 

The world of 5D consciousness is one of love and light for the highest good of all involved. This is why channelers speak of raising humanity to this level of consciousness.

We can all do it. We can all access it. The secret to access this wondrous and loving place resides in your heart. When you live through your heart and let it lead, 5D consciousness awaits you with open energetic arms.

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