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Ginette's Cosmic Consciousness Circle - ~3rd Wednesday every month


Join Ginette in exploring other realms, ideas and practices to expand your spirituality and consciousness. Through channeled sessions and shared discussion, you will deepen your understanding for greater life purpose.

The Cosmic Consciousness Circle will explore cosmic realms and provide access to higher beings. Each 1-hour session with Ginette will provide real time insight from other dimensions.

Join Ginette live via Zoom for the circle.

Purchase 1 session or a 3 or 12 month subscription and save. (use drop down menu to choose)

1 Session Every Month

Note: You will be sent reminders and a Zoom link for each virtual Zoom session approximately 24-48 hours prior. You can Chat and ask questions during the session. If you miss a session, the recording will be sent to you. No refunds are available for these Circle sessions.  You can also purchase access to past recordings.

Wednesdays 5:55pm PT  - 7:00pm Pacific Time

2023 Dates (Ginette's guides provide the topic close to the date to ensure it is timely)

  • January 18 - Return of the Light in 2023 - How to Activate Your Light Body
  • February 15 - Angels, Lightbeings and ETs - How They Are Stepping In and Interacting With Us To Raise Our Consciousness
  • March 22 - Spring Equinox - Healing and Recalibrating to Higher Body Frequencies
  • April 19 - Decoding Prophecy - What it means to us in an Awakening World
  • May 24 - Insights from the Anunnaki - Learning our True Origin Story to Release Old Paradigms, Own Our Sovereignty and Create our Reality
  • June 21 - Summer Solstice - The Power of Summer Solstice - Transform Your Energy; Messages from Isis
  • July 26 - Artificial Intelligence: How Will AI Evolve and Impact Humanity
  • August 23 - Fires, Floods, Earthquakes and Extreme Weather: How Gaia Is Resetting Through Fire, Water, Earth, Air
  • September 20 - Powerful Fall Equinox Activating Physical and Emotional Energies to Expand Your Intuitive Ability
  • October 18
  • November 15
  • December 20 - Winter Solstice

2022 Dates - recordings available for $11 each or $99 all.

  • January 26  - The Power of Embodiment to Expand Consciousness
  • February 23 - Third Eye and Pineal Gland Activation
  • March 30  - Spring Equinox, Heart Chakra and New Moon Ceremony
  • April 27 - The Matrix! Exploring 3D and 5D Consciousness
  • May 26 - Glitches in the Matrix: The Structure of Time and How You Influence Your Reality 
  • June 22 -  Summer Solstice Impact! Changes Coming to Timelines and 5D
  • July 27 - Navigating the In Between! Powering Up Your Connection to Gaia
  • August 24 - The Uphill Path Ahead! The Next Phase of Ascension
  • September 28 - Solar Flares and Portals! Raising Planetary Consciousness
  • October 26 - The Great Age Changeover! From Pisces to Aquarius - Stepping into the Cosmic Quadrant of Consciousness
  • November 30 - Time Expansion and Time Bending - increased consciousness, awareness and communication with interdimensionals
  • December 21 - December 21 2022 Winter Solstice and Insights 2023 - The power of the solstice to manifest your dreams in 2023

 2021 Dates - recordings available for $11 each or $99 all.

  • January 27 - Cosmic Energies – Understanding Their Impact On Our Lives
  • February 24 - Parallel Timelines – How they are Merging and Converging to Create Our Reality
  • March 24 - The Galactic Federation Earth Alliance: The Sirians
  • April 21 - The Galactic Federation Earth Alliance: The Pleiadians
  • May 26 - The Galactic Federation Earth Alliance: The Arcturians
  • June 23 - Solar Consciousness – How the Sun’s Consciousness and Light Energy is Raising Our Vibrations
  • July 28 - Water Consciousness – Working with the Energy of Water
  • August 25 -  The Galactic Federation Earth Alliance: The Reptilians
  • September 29 - Earth Consciousness - Mother Gaia Expanding Her Consciousness from 3D to 5D
  • October 27 - Dimensions of Consciousness and Creating Our Reality
  • November 24 - Fire Consciousness – Clearing Old Energies and Igniting Change
  • December 15 – Air Consciousness - The Power of Air to Expand Your Mind


"Ginette’s guidance has been a blessing in my life. Her connection is truly incredible and always brings me the answers that I need. I am grateful that she connect with the angels of light and brings us all such clarity...I recommend her to the moon and back!" - Nancy