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Join Ginette's Cosmic Consciousness Circle

These monthly live sessions will provide access to other dimensions and beings.


Positive, insightful and thought provoking... I have experienced a super charged awakening and feel blessed to have Ginette as a resource for all things woo. Her insight, gentle spirit and deep knowings have helped me feel normal at times when the world seems like it’s spinning off its axis. I am grateful for her universal connection and her desire to assist others as they journey into new territory.

It’s almost hard to put into words the ways in which Ginette has changed my life. Giving me the gift of empowerment, validating my gifts as a healer, she has put to ease my worry over loved ones that have passed who were unable to communicate their goodbyes. She has given me an insight to the vastness of the universe and spiritual realms that I only had a slight knowing of previously.

As a registered nurse I am very skeptical and science based, but remain open-minded to all experiences. Two sessions with Ginette have forever changed my life. I have sent a dozen people to her and everyone has come back with jaws dropped and forever changed. The best way I can describe it is simply enlightening.