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Avalon to Aurora Bundle - Book + Journal


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About the book:
What can the afterlife teach us? Ginette Biro has been there and back and has a powerful story to tell. As you journey through the pages of this book, she shares details of a near-death experience and the lessons divinely imparted to her that will help you live a life full of joy, love and purpose.

In Avalon to Aurora: Lessons From The Other Side To Guide Your Life On Earth, Ginette inspires the reader to expand their consciousness through a glimpse into the magic that is waiting beyond the veil for every one of us.

As a medium and cosmic channeler, Ginette Biro is claircognizant, clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. Every day she sees things we don’t see, hears things we don’t hear, and feels things we don’t feel. She is a bridge between worlds - our world and the expanse beyond what we can see or know with our five senses. Ginette’s connection to dimensions far beyond the one we inhabit has continued to expand following her near-death experience (NDE). She is destined to become an impactful conduit and guide for spiritual growth on our planet.


About the journal:
This journal takes you on a journey to explore lessons from the other side and apply them to your life. Based on the insights from Ginette Biro's book Avalon to Aurora: Lessons From The Other Side To Guide Your Life On Earth, you are guided to expand your spiritual consciousness and daily practice, connect to your higher self and higher realms, and open your heart to live your best life. 


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