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Crystal Heart and Aromatherapy Bracelet


Crystals and stones have long been known for their energizing and healing powers. Each brings a different vibrational frequency to amplify energy in your life.

Wearing and holding crystals allows you to better connect to natural energies. This deepens your connection to spirit and who you are. Use these crystals to inspire, meditate, add positive energy and bring more divine energy into your life.

These beautiful heart and bracelet combinations make a loving gift for yourself or someone special. The silver feather and silver heart represent spirit's love and guidance. The silver heart contains a lava bead where you can add your favorite essential oil to support your frequency. A lavender essential oil is included with order.

The hearts, bracelets and oils have been cleared, charged, and blessed with love and light energy.                                                                                    

Each crystal is approximately 6x5x3cm and 90gm. The essential oil is 10ml. The bracelets fit slightly large (except the amethyst which is smaller).