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Ginette Biro - ways to be in touch with Ginette


Thank you for choosing to connect with Ginette!

To share the messages from spirit more broadly, Ginette focuses her time on podcasts, daily online card readings, courses, books, divine energy products and mentorship.  Ginette no longer does personal readings. She does some mentorship for those who have taken her courses and are growing their intuitive skills. Those spots are filled for the year.  

The Personal Journey Guides are personally selected and vetted for Avalon Spirit and are available for readings.   We encourage you to feel into who resonates for you if you are interested in a personal reading to support you in your life's journey.

We hope you will connect in to Ginette through her videos, podcasts (free content below), books, and courses, particularly her monthly Cosmic Consciousness Circle evenings and training others to tap into their intuitive skills through the Lightworker Mentorship program.  She would love if you would join her in those ways.