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Birth Chart Readings & Death Doula Support - Shannon Takacs

Birth Chart Readings & Death Doula Support - Shannon Takacs


Astrology is the belief that planets, like the moon & the sun, have an influence on events, our lives & our personalities. If you are looking for a new perspective regarding emotional, physical or mental support, it may be time for a birth chart reading. The study of astrology gifted Shannon with a new language and framework for understanding grief & loss, among other topics. She uses astrology to help people reframe life experiences as well as topics such as shame, guilt and regret. Astrology has become a surprisingly beautiful and powerful tool in reframing challenging storylines for her clients.

Shannon was introduced to death, loss and grief at an early age. Through her initial experience of the death of her brother when she was 24, coupled with other traumatic deaths close to her, she came to understand that she was the survivor of a broken system regarding death and grief support in our culture. After experiencing first hand the tragedy of that broken system, she began exploring the death care culture in Canada. Her profound personal experiences of the psychological & emotional impact of death and loss has become her life passion.

In 2016, following an intensive weekend workshop on death care, Shannon enrolled in Cassandra Yonder’s ‘BEyond Yonder Virtual School for Community Deathcaring in Canada’. The intense semester of studies was fundamental in helping Shannon deepen her understanding of the nuanced topics of death, dying, grief and loss. She quickly realized if we can learn to accept and embrace death & dying in our culture it will allow grief to be more acceptable & commonplace. Normalizing grief & loss will enable us to move through our everyday life with more compassion. With this profound understanding she passionately encourages others to get curious and lean into death, dying, grief & loss.

Enter astrology. Diving into astrology helped Shannon understand the foundational reasons for the lessons we experience. This is why it has become so integral in her work. Her energized and playful Leo sun, working alongside her hard working Capricorn moon, woven with her “being of service” Virgo rising, love to talk about all things birth, death, joy, and grief all blended with the beauty of astrology. Shannon infuses her birth chart readings with compassion & empathy, encouraging people to fully embrace who they are.


Your session- 60 minute session held by zoom

Preparation- Send birth day, month, year & time alongside place of birth. Time is not necessary but preferred if possible.

Cancellation... If you have to cancel for any reason, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required for a refund.

Financial Difficulty... If you have financial issues and wish to discuss options with Shannon please send a message.