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Akashic Record Readings - Toni van der Marel


Akashic Record Readings

The Akashic Records are one of the most accessible ways you can access Universal Guidance. The Akashic Realm is an energetic space that holds the information of every Soul through all time, space and dimension on a galactic level. It is everything that has ever happened and will ever happen in and in-between lifetimes.
Toni is an certified Master Level Reader of the Akashic Records offering readings that connect you to this deep cosmic wisdom. Is an opportunity to hear directly from your Guides about your gifts, your soul plan in this lifetime, things lingering from other lifetimes, your purpose, soul contracts, tools and guidance on how to overcome obstacles, navigate relationships, how to start to communicate with your Guides yourself and so much more. A reading can bring practical advice on how to realize your highest potential as well as deep heartfelt support and trust that you are not alone.

Your Akashic Record reading:
Your session... 60 mins held by zoom
Preparation...Consider up to three questions for your Guides and the Records before your reading.
Cancellation... If you have to cancel for any reason, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required to rebook. 
Booking...  Please PAY ON THIS PAGE, then book on Toni's personal booking  calendar. Note: All bookings times are Pacific Standard Time (PST)