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Akashic Record Readings - Cindy Lang


Akashic Record Readings with Cindy 

Cindy has a unique ability to access the Akashic Records. She is able to help you look into the past, current and future records of your life. Are you needing insight to your life now? Do you have questions about your purpose and the future? Are you wondering why certain patterns keep occurring in your life? Cindy can help you explore the answers unique to you through your Akashic Records

From a young age, Cindy was sensitive and empathetic to the world around her. She would often retreat to nature, to talk to the Faeries and Spirits to regain her balance. As an old soul, it was hard to relate to her peers, and she struggled to find her place in the world. Through yoga and meditation, she started to embrace who she was and LOVE her uniqueness. Her personal healing journey became a life-long interest in the healing arts.

Cindy is a Registered Massage Therapist (since 2008), and holds many Healing Certificates including Reiki, E.F.T, Psychosomatics, Aromatherapy, and Colour Sound Therapy. 

In 2014 she became a Certified Angel Card Reader and Advanced Akashic Practitioner. She now holds 5 levels of certification through the Dr. Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies. 

In 2011, Cindy was in a car accident that resulted in a near-death experience. She was given a choice to return to her body, with the sacred mission of helping others and to raise the collective awareness of the miracles that are available to every one. After a long 2-year journey of healing her own body, her awareness expanded as well as her understanding of the energetic relationship between our emotions and physical bodies. 

Cindy feels inspired to lead others back to wholeness, to heal the wounds from the past, to heal from within, to truly love and accept the self. It is from this Empowered place, that real change can occur, healing Body, Mind and Soul.

What is an Akashic Record?
The Akasha is a field of energy that holds the “blueprint, or book” of your Soul's existence - past, present and future. Ancestral patterns, past lives and childhood experiences can affect the way you experience the present moment. By using the Pathway Prayer Process to access this information, it gives insight to repeated patterns, and the lessons you have come to learn in this lifetime. Tap into this knowledge and gain valuable information about what is holding you back from reaching your full potential and living a life of pure happiness. The Akasha offers a true, deep, HEALING EXPERIENCE. The information is always loving, kind and inspiring. It will point you in the direction of your best possible future.

Your session... 60 mins held by zoom or phone call

Preparation... Please bring a list of questions to your reading to help us delve deep into your soul lessons and contracts.
Examples of questions:
  • What is holding me back from achieving my goals?
  • How can I move past the pain of a certain event and forgive the person involved?
  • Why do I keep repeating this xyz pattern?

Cancellation... If you have to cancel for any reason, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required for a refund.