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Crystal Healing - Divine Ceremony Box


The Crystal Healing Ceremony Clear quartz crystals are powerful amplifiers for healing and energy. They are known as the master healing crystal. Crystals absorb and reflect light. Their crystalline form allows them to store, release, and balance energy bringing clarity and purification. They draw off negative energy and amplify the body's vibrations to deeply penetrate and support healing at all levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

An original hand-created gift, for you or a friend, to bring more divine moments into your life. It comes with a guided ceremony to help you create a meaningful personal experience. It has been cleared, charged, and blessed with love and light energy. Lovingly sourced from around the world and created to be natural and eco-friendly. 

Crystal Healing Ceremony Box includes:

Crystal Healing Ceremony Guide – step-by-step booklet to walk you through your Ceremony (10x15cm/4"x6")

Clear Quartz Crystal Pyramid - 1 hand crafted pyramid (45x45x30mm/1.75x1.75x1.5") 

Clear Quartz Crystal Wands - 2 single point hand wands (4-5cm/1.5-2" each)

Palo Santo Stick - ethically sourced (10cm/4")

Peppermint Essential Oil100% pure essential oil, therapeutic use (10ml/.35oz)

Ceremony Box - 10x15cm/4"x6" 

Shipping weight - 240g/8.5oz

 *Divine Ceremony is designed as your guide to bring more sacred moments into your life to deepen your connection to spirit and who you are. With ceremony, you are taking time to connect energetically and spiritually to your true self and add more beauty and conscious choice into your life.