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Medical Mediumship and Passed Loved Ones - Tania Leanne

Medical Mediumship and Passed Loved Ones - Tania Leanne


Do you have physical, mental, emotional or energetic issues that you can't seem to get to the root of? Are you struggling with health problems that won’t go away?  Tania has a spirit-guided gift to feel and see what is wrong and to help you solve your issue. Her readings move beyond the medical into the intuitive to provide insight and guidance on how to make changes to serve your life’s purpose and be your best self.  Tania also is adept at tapping into passed loved ones to share their messages with you. 

Tania has a full time established career in law enforcement and criminal investigations. Her spiritual gifts barreled to the forefront of her life with the birth of her son over 10 years ago. She began to dedicate herself to the development of her intuition and understanding of the etheric world. She developed a passion and gift for mediumship and intuitive readings, and found herself a natural channel for medical mediumship. In addition, she is an energetic healer trained in Reiki, and brings all of her gifts to her work.

Tania believes in creating a space for her clients that is honest, confidential, grounded and safe. She knows spirituality is about being true and authentic to your own inner navigation system. If you follow your unique life blueprint, you can walk your path with authenticity, strength and commitment towards higher consciousness and enlightenment.

Tania is generally available on Saturday mornings for readings. 

If you require an URGENT session, you can fill out the Contact Form and leave a brief message about why you wish to book urgently and how quickly you need a reading. Prices are higher for these at $300 for 50 minutes as Tania will adjust her schedule to accommodate. She will email you directly to arrange times. 

“Tania was absolutely amazing to work with.  There were things she saw about my life that no one knew publicly and the reading gave me guidance in areas that I was looking for.  She was able to see my kids and let me know what I could expect for them in the coming months.  She was completely accurate! I am already looking forward to my next reading. I would highly recommend her to any of my family and friends!” Sabeena  

Your session... 50 minute sessions held via Zoom video or phone call.

Preparation... Consider your purpose and intention for the session.

Cancellation... If you have to cancel for any reason, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required for a refund. 

Disclaimer… This session does not constitute medical advice. Always seek professional medical assistance for any health issues.