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Intuitive Wellness Coaching - Elyse Cathrea


Intuitive Wellness Coaching with Elyse 

Elyse Cathrea [E-Lease Cath-Ree] is a certified Life & Wellness Coach and Yoga & Meditation Instructor, and intuitive universal magic junkie! As an intuitive, she is passionate about creating an inclusive supportive space for people to reconnect with their truest and highest selves. Elyse believes we all have the answers inside of us via our highest self and our connection to our guides, and that in times of deep disconnect from what fulfills us we must learn to come back home to ourselves first.

Using an intuitively guided approach, she supports people in shifting from feeling disconnected and stuck, frustrated in life, wondering things like “is this what it’s supposed to be like?” to feeling excited about creating a life they are deeply connected to. Through your work together Elyse will connect you with your guides to support ways in which you’d like to see shifts in your life. She provides a supportive space for you to reflect and utilize tools from yoga, meditation and universal energy to create a path forward. 

Why consider coaching? It’s important to understand what coaching IS. The purpose of a coach is to ask powerful questions to help guide you deeper into yourself, and hold space to allow you to reconnect to the expert that is YOU. Coaching is not therapy/counselling, and it is not prescriptive. It is not focused on the past, but focusing forward toward where you wish to go. Elyse offers an intuitively guided process to guide you to your own answers. From there she can support you in utilizing tools to create a life you are deeply connected to, joyful in, and able to move through the ebbs and flows of life from a place of being home within yourself.

Your session... 60-minute sessions held via Zoom video or phone call.

Preparation... You will complete an intake form prior to the first meeting where you will assess all aspects of your life. During your initial session we will create a plan based on your desires to support you in moving back home to yourself.  This plan will be intuitively based, and will support your highest well-being. 

Please note... Intuitive wellness coaching is most effective when we are able to work together over a period of time. By taking this approach we are able to ensure that the plan and goals you have are well suited and truly supportive of your needs. 
Cancellation... If you have to cancel for any reason, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required for a refund.